In spite of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies having fully invested the HR field, Recruitment is still not a science. Neither is it a mysterious black art only mastered by people with good gut instinct. Finding and selecting A Players requires a structured approach to avoid any cognitive traps and ensure success.

At Talent & Values, you won’t find any Recruitment Ninjas, Wizards or Rockstars. Just Recruitment professionals who pride themselves in doing their job well using a methodology directly inspired by some of the most serious and thorough literature on the subject: Drive by Dan Pink, Start With Why by Simon Sinek and Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street. And because numbers speak louder than words, we take great pride in witnessing the long-term value our unique approach brings to both clients and candidates:

  • Recurring business from existing clients represents over 70% of our fee revenues.
  • Most of our search assignments are completed in less than 90 days.
  • 90% of the candidates we recruited are still in the same job 3 years after.

Talent & Values: Both a Name and a Credo

We are convinced that when we work in an environment that is in line with our values, our talents are multiplied: from this comes the virtuous circle of collective performance. From the initial meeting with our clients to interviews with our candidates, the main theme of our methodology is the analysis of the 3 pillars of successful recruitment:

Skills. Drive. Purpose.


“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” - Albert Einstein

When we know that 85% of jobs in 2030 do not yet exist, it is crucial for us to find curious candidates with #strong skills driven by the desire to step out of their comfort zone to continue to grow and develop.


“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent” - Norman Augustine

IQ is nothing without EQ. Our mission is of course to explore the candidates’ skills but also and especially their #motivations with regards to the specific context of a position (leadership, interactions, rhythm, framework etc.).


“Purpose is the new currency“ - Alexandre Mars

Millenials or not, each and every one of us aspires to find #purpose in our lives, and for that, to be able to work for something bigger than ourselves. Understanding the company’s mission and valuing it, and then ensuring that all of this resonates with the candidate’s value system is the essence of our mission.

Our 5-Step Process

Every search assignment we take follows a precise 5-step process.

1. Client Meeting and Scorecard Definition

We start out by meeting our clients in their offices where we make a point of speaking with every person involved in the recruitment process. This allows us to gain significant insights about the company, its DNA, its vision, its culture, its organization and its working environment.


We question them and we challenge them to confront their visions of the job position and to make sure they match. Which then leads us to define the job scorecard describing the missions associated with the position, the results that need to be accomplished and the skills required to fit with both the company’s culture and the role. Having them fill out a Predictive Index© Job Assessment is also a great way to structure this critical phase in the recruitment process as it lays the foundation for everything else.

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2. Sourcing and Talent Pool Building

From week #1, our goal is to identify at least 100 potential candidates to find the rare gem ! We define elaborate headhunting strategies to target the right companies and ideal profiles.


Our search playground knows no limits as we hunt talents everywhere in the world through social media, specific industry databases or professional associations and of course our own extensive database and networks. We build solid talent pools using one of the most efficient and agile sourcing tools on the market: Hello Talent, edited by Talentsoft.

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3. Screening and Assessment

Our validated 3-level screening methods guarantee professionalism, efficiency and objectivity at every step of the process. They include consecutively: thorough phone screens, detailed face-to-face interviews, behavioral assessment with Predictive Index© and in-depth reference checks.

4. Shortlist Presentation and Assessment Reports

We present the client with a shortlist of 3-4 candidates with a written assessment report presenting the candidate’s assets for the job and other key information. We help our clients throughout the entire decision-making process, including the salary negotiation phase, until they seal the deal with the candidate.

5. Candidate Integration Follow-Up

Once the candidate is hired and joins the company, we ensure a smooth integration through regular follow-ups during the whole trial period with both the client and the candidate.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to use our expertise in business and human behavior to help our clients build valuable companies. And that starts with recruiting A Players, meaning talented people who will not only get the job done but who will also feel driven by the company’s culture to perform at the top of their game. At Talent & Values, we take pride in fostering a culture built on powerful values that allow us to be the best version of ourselves and deliver outstanding results:



A mind like Sherlock Holmes is what defines best our headhunting mindset. We are passionately curious about the significant changes induced by the new economy on the job market that lead us to constantly discover new business models, new organizational models etc. We literally love going the extra mile anywhere in the world to find that one perfect match who will exceed our clients’ expectations.



Various studies and our own operational experience have shown us that hiring talents with the right behavioral and cultural fit results in a fulfilling workplace, which in turn results in a successful company. As a recruitment partner, knowing that our actions contribute to strengthening this virtuous circle is what fuels our motivation on a daily basis.



In this day and age of social media filters and fake news, we encourage transparency and authenticity in our relationships with both clients and candidates to insure a trustful collaboration based on solid grounds. To that end, we engage in our search assignments with a great deal of enthusiasm, openness and highly praised listening skills.



We are constantly on the lookout for the latest technologies and societal trends to understand how they impact organizations, business models and society’s relationship with work in general. Our test-and-learn DNA leads us to permanently question the way we do our job and test new things in an ongoing effort to continually improve our expertise.



We are committed to providing a five-star service, thorough and tailor-made at every step of the recruitment process, from the client meeting till the end of the candidate’s trial period. Because business goals are more and more demanding, there is no room for mediocre or average results. Therefore, we support our clients and our candidates with very high-quality standards.

Our Work Ethics

Talent & Values respects the code of conduct stated in the Syntec labour collective agreement. We never approach candidates we have previously recruited for past job positions.

We also agree not to approach employees of our clients’ company throughout the duration of our search assignment and for 18 months following the end of our contract with them. This commitment does not concern spontaneous applications or applications to a published job offer. We are bound by confidentiality, accuracy and transparency. We undertake not to use information we get for any other purpose than successfully fulfilling our mission.

We respect the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination for each mission. Diversity is the essence of our team and is at the core of our actions as recruiters. We refer all qualified candidates without any regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or marital status.