About Us

Talent & Values is a highly specialized head-hunting firm focusing on new technologies
and digital executive positions on a global scale. Based in Paris and Milan, we strive to help
our clients build and develop talented teams that run at full power.

Since 2007, our mission is to help companies solve the single biggest problem in business today: recruiting A-players fully aligned with the company’s vision and values in order to be set up for success. Our acute understanding of our clients’ strategy and vision allows us to find them highly skilled professionals well-matched to their unique hiring requirements and workplace culture. Every search assignment is tailored for the specific needs of the position and the company’s DNA.

Within an ever-changing globalized economy, organizations need to recruit leaders with strong IQ and EQ but who also cultivate a multicultural sensibility in order to embrace tomorrow’s challenges. Talent & Values works with companies based anywhere in the world on job positions with an international dimension. We draw on our team’s multilingual and multicultural DNA to hunt for the best talents across the globe.

We are active members of many industry associations including France Digitale, an alliance between entrepreneurs and investors of the French Tech scene, and Croissance Plus, the first growth entrepreneurs network in France that strives to liberate the economy and to foster companies’ growth.

Global Brands

We work alongside multinational companies facing major transformation phases on a global scale. We help them fully leverage the changes and opportunities induced by the digital revolution in terms of Talent Acquisition.

Web Pure Players

We partner with some of the most promising French Tech start-ups and scale-ups. We help them recruit the best talents and build high-performing teams that will drive growth and success.

Software & IT Companies

Our R&D recruitment background enables us to quickly grasp the recruitment stakes of high-tech companies in a wide range of industries: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobility etc.

Our Areas of Specialization

Top Management / C-Level

Chief Digital Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Sales Officer / Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Procurement Officer
Chief Operations Officer

IT and R&D

Chief Information Officer
Chief Technology Officer
IT/ Digital Project Director
IT/ Digital Project Manager
IT Architect
System Engineer
Mechanical and Packaging Project Manager

Web-Marketing and e-Business

Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Product Officer
E-Commerce Manager
Acquisition Manager
SEO Manager
CRM Manager
Product Manager









Our International DNA


Our Corporate Responsibility

In terms of corporate responsibility, our mission does not stop with recruiting leaders who will drive positive change and value creation. It is at the heart of our everyday actions to make sure that at our own level we contribute to having a positive impact on people, society and the planet.

We invest in our people by providing them with regular trainings on topics related to recruitment with a 360° approach: social selling, sourcing techniques, storytelling skills, assessment tools etc. We also encourage our consultants to attend and participate to various industry events to network, share best practices but also to give back to the community through volunteer work. Some examples include teaching a Recruitment Class to students in business school as well as animating CV and interview workshops at the Elle Active Forum, a yearly event co-organized by ELLE magazine and L’Oréal to help women boost their careers.

Every year, we donate 5% of our profit to charities: in 2019, we donated to Entrepreneurs du Monde, a charity that supports entrepreneurial projects with a positive social impact in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We regularly support Tout Le Monde Contre Le Cancer, a charity that helps people with cancer and their families with a focus on children and women. And we are also in the process of implementing Payroll Giving with the Epic Foundation, an organization that backs outstanding nonprofits and social innovation to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.

As ecologically concerned professionals, we are committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment. To that end, 95% of our headhunting activity and 90% of our administrative management is digitalized.