Since 2007, our mission is to help companies solve the single biggest problem in business today: recruiting A-players fully aligned with the company’s vision and values in order to be set up for success. We partner with small startups and high-tech companies as well as with global brands facing digitalization issues.

Global Brands

We work alongside multinational companies facing major transformation phases on a global scale. We help them fully leverage the changes and opportunities induced by the digital revolution in terms of Talent Acquisition.

Web Pure Players

We partner with some of the most promising French Tech start-ups and scale-ups. We help them recruit the best talents and build high-performing teams that will drive growth and success.

Software & IT Companies

Our R&D recruitment background enables us to quickly grasp the recruitment stakes of high-tech companies in a wide range of industries: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, e-mobility etc.

Our areas of specialization

Top Management / C-Level

IT and R&D

Webmarketing and e-Business


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